About Me

Eudora L. Evans

Eudora was Miss Arkansas 2005, a top-ten semi-finalist in  the Miss America Pageant; and she sings like  nobody's business!!

Eudora Evans was born Eudora Mosby in the small town of Hazen, Arkansas. Growing up in rural Arkansas, Eudora learned music firsthand at the feet of her father, who was a Baptist minister. Early on, it was evident that she had a gift worth encouraging. Soon Eudora was singing throughout the state of Arkansas.

 Upon entering college, Eudora began to experiment with different types of music: alternative rock, country, jazz and praise and worship. At the age of 22 she wrote her fist song entitled “Emotional Idiot” and performed it on acoustic guitar at the university's annual UCA Unplugged event.

Eudora's voice enabled her to transcend many boundaries. Her voice captivated the judges of the Miss Conway Pageant, making her the first and only woman of African American decent to wear the title. The following year she was crowned Miss Central Arkansas and later Miss Arkansas 2005. Eudora represented her state at the Miss America Pageant and where she was a Top Ten Semi-Finalist.

To better her chances at a singing career, Eudora left all that she had ever known and journeyed to New Orleans in 2009. She soon started her own band, “Eudora and Deep Soul.” Specializing in music that you can feel--old rhythm and blues, New Orleans standards, and an original of hers here and there, Eudora and Deep Soul are the perfect entertainment for every occasion.  

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